Protection underpins every part of the financial planning process and whilst planning for your future is essential, the unexpected must be considered and insured against.

The purpose of protection is to provide you (and your family) with financial security in case of an unexpected death, accident or sickness. In the event of one of these untimely circumstances, your long-term goals can be jeopardised unless the necessary protection is put into place.

The three most important protection products are:

  • Life Insurance (level, decreasing, whole of life or convertible)
  • Critical Illness
  • Income Protection
  • Family Income Benefit

We firstly assess your requirement, calculate your available budget and then find the most suitable product for you, having searched through our extensive database of insurance companies and combining our knowledge and experience of dealing with these providers.

Ensuring these policies are placed into the correct trust arrangement (when appropriate) is another key consideration for this area of financial planning.

Note: It is currently worth reviewing your existing life insurance plans, as the cost of cover has fallen dramatically in recent years.